BodyCure is a small massage and therapy centre located near both Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. BodyCure specialises in sports and remedial massage therapy for both athletes and people wanting to achieve a higher state of wellness. We also provide Swedish, Lymhatic Drainage and anti cellulite massage. 


Our services can be hugely beneficial to office workers, frequent flyers, young and old, men and women, everyone feeling the strain of everyday activities on their body.


Our massage services will help you enjoy a fit, active and healthy life style.






TELEPHONE  07850546953 





                                       JOE             ALEKSANDRA        EWA


MONDAY            12pm - 8pm          7am  - 12pm                -

TUESDAY            7am - 12pm          12pm - 8pm                -

WEDNESDAY     12pm - 8pm           7am - 12pm                -

THURSDAY        12pm - 8pm           7am - 12pm                 -

FRIDAY                         -                    12pm - 8pm         7am - 12pm

SATURDAY                  -                   9am - 1:30pm  1:30pm - 6pm

SUNDAY                       -                            -                    11am - 4pm

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