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BodyCure is a small massage and therapy centre located near both Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. BodyCure specialises in sports and remedial massage therapy for both athletes and people wanting to achieve a higher state of wellness. We also provide Swedish, Lymhatic Drainage, Anticellulite and Slimming massage. 


Our services can be hugely beneficial to office workers, frequent flyers, young and old, men and women, everyone feeling the strain of everyday activities on their body.


Our massage services will help you enjoy a fit, active and healthy life style.

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest known treatments for soft tissue pain and dysfunction. The benefits of massage therapy are wide spread as the treatment affects several bodily functions and tissues. Some of the benefits include:




  • relieves stress and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation

  • decreases Inflammation

  • improves Circulation

  • alleviates pain and tension

  • promotes speedy soft tissue recovery from injury or over use

  • improves mobility and flexibility

  • reduces muscular pain and tension

  • promotes a general feeling of well being

Sports and Remedial Massage can be a very effective treatment for a variety of health conditions including






  • back, neck and shoulder pain

  • carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • headaches

  • circulatory problems

  • stress and work related muscle tension

  • tendonitis 

  • bursitis

  • whiplash

  • running Injuries (sprains and strains)

  • postural Dysfunctions

  • tennis Elbow & Golfers Elbow



TELEPHONE  07850546953 

EMAIL  contact@bodycure.co.uk




                                       JOE             ALEKSANDRA        EWA


MONDAY            12pm - 8pm          7am  - 12pm                -

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WEDNESDAY     12pm - 8pm           7am - 12pm                -

THURSDAY        12pm - 8pm           7am - 12pm                 -

FRIDAY                         -                    12pm - 8pm         7am - 12pm

SATURDAY                  -                   9am - 1:30pm  1:30pm - 6pm

SUNDAY                       -                            -                    11am - 4pm

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